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Consulting Services

Risk management is like a brake for corporate management. Aggressive CSR is like an accelerator for companies. We believe that both of them will enhance corporate value in the medium- and long-term and guide companies to those necessary in society over the next ten years.
We provide services as below:

Risk Management / Internal Control

Recently even the big companies face challenges which threat their existence. To get advice from the external expert about risks at a certain point is not sufficient. It is necessary to identify the risks of each operations precisely and take measures to address them expeditiously. read more >

Internal Audit / System Audit

Scandals in recent years suggest the importance to implement and strengthen internal audit framework to detect fraud. Internal audit doesn’t work effectively without independent third party for the audited division. Companies need to accumulate know-how on methods of internal audit even if they don’t have enough human resource to conduct audit. read more >


There is no end to the number of companies which lost their longtime trust by scandal including non-compliance. To prevent such non-conformity, it is important to build compliance framework. read more >

BCM / Information Security

The triggers which threaten business continuity became diverse in recent years. On the other hand, advance of internet technology and improved convenience of information system increased the risk of unauthorized access to the system. These problems require companies meticulous preparation. read more >

CSR Services

Not only climate change but also social issues such as human-rights abuse are becoming big challenge for global business. These rapidly changing business environment requires companies to reconstructing CSR strategy. It is essential to cover all its value chain to protect and enhance corporate value. read more >