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Internal Audit / System Audit

Scandals in recent years suggest the importance to implement and strengthen internal audit framework to detect fraud. Internal audit doesn’t work effectively without independent third party for the audited division. Companies need to accumulate know-how on methods of internal audit even if they don’t have enough human resource to conduct audit.

Our strength

Through working with company’s internal staff, we will support in conducting quality internal audit at lower cost.

Our services

< Internal Audit Services >

  • Operational audit
  • Risk management audit
  • Audit support on labor, human rights, ethics and environment
  • Development of audit framework
  • Risk assessment
  • Quality assessment of internal audit
  • Internal auditor training
  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing relating to the above
  • Training, seminar and workshop relating to the above

< System Audit Services >

  • System audit
  • Data reliability audit