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Customer's Voice

Mari Tabata, Manager of CSR & Environment Department, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., 2012

The report provided from Erde Fort was concise and to the point, even though it was an extensive investigation of CSR. On top of that, it drew the attention of interested departments inside our company and had the highest impact on them compared to the reports of similar survey produced by large consulting firms or researchers in the past. It’s probably because the consultant explained the results without using a lot of technical jargon and adjusted exposition level to suit the comprehension level of us. This may be based on personality which is the advantage of the consultant.

Toshimasa Kagajo, General Manager of CSR & Environment Department, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., 2013

The high quality report with valuable suggestion was provided to us. Erde Fort has high level of information gathering, analysis and reporting skills. Their analysis and indications has well-balance of three perspectives: academic perspective, business perspective and perspective of NPO based on their experiences. This feature make Erde Fort a valuable advisor for us.